Bernie's Back! Biggest rally, AOC endorsement

Should he drop out? ;-)

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By Krystal

After an overflow rally of more than 25,000 people and major endorsements from AOC, Ilhan Omar, Michael Moore, and more, there’s really only one question on everyone’s mind: Should Bernie drop out? ;-)

Here’s how the media has covered so far: the New York Times asks whether AOC’s endorsement will matter. Politico is saying flat out that it won’t matter for Sanders. Washington Post went with a heart attack centric headline. But while the major media outlets downplay the significance of the rally, it’s fair to say this was the grand capstone of the most significant week of Bernie’s campaign and possibly his career. If Bernie wins, this week will be the dramatic turning point that set the campaign on a new trajectory. No one wishes for a heart attack but I don’t think there’s any denying Bernie’s back and better then ever. Not to mention more committed than ever before to fighting for basic dignity for the working class.

AOC’s speech was particularly poignant. Especially after seeing the mass confusion and upset the revelation of her endorsement caused for some white feminists. Anyone who was confused about why the young woman of color would endorse the “old white guy” should take some time to watch AOC’s speech because she explains it quite clearly. It was powerful to hear her describe how seeing Bernie Sanders insist on her right to dignity, gave her the confidence to fight for herself and her community.

AOC’s speech really summed up why so many of us feel that Bernie’s movement is unique among the 2020 presidential contenders. It’s not because we are sexist or because we are trying to be mean to Elizabeth Warren. It’s because Sanders leads a movement of working class supporters that could truly realign the Democratic Party. That’s why when you look at the numbers on campaign donors, Bernie beats the pants off everyone in terms of working class support. He’s backed by servers, teachers and retail workers, Warren’s backed by scientists and intellectuals, Biden’s backed by CEO’s. Kind of says it all doesn’t it?

A lot of centrists talk about “unity” but what they really mean is a sort of shallow civility politics that protects the powerful from criticism. In Bernie’s speech, he defined a deeper type of unity or solidarity and called on all of us to fight for and with our brothers and sisters, even if that fight doesn’t benefit us personally directly. To fight for the immigrant even we are native born. To fight for those without healthcare even if we have good health insurance. To protect the planet for future generations. Watch the whole speech here: