Kamala: I'm Failing Because Voters Are Sexist, Racist

'Elephant In The Room'

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By: Saagar

Senator Kamala Harris has a new reason for why her campaign is floundering in national and state polls, voters are sexist and racist.

Harris’s preposterous assertion is an insult to the tens of millions of Americans who elected a man named Barack Hussein Obama twice to the Oval Office. She also seems to have forgotten that Hillary Rodham Clinton prevailed in a contested Democratic primary just a few years ago and even won the popular vote!

She’s crying racism and sexism to gin up support amongst media allies who might be sympathetic to cover up for this epic slide. Just look at this chart from the RealClearPolitics polling average:

Kamala is failing because he doesn’t understand the fundamental lesson of the 2016 election. What voters want is to trust above all that you will actually fight for what you say you will when you get into office. Kamala has spent nearly the entire race trying to split the difference between the progressive left and the moderate lane. That is precisely the opposite of what voters want as it gives nobody a reason to trust you to wield power directly in their interest.

There is actually no reason for anyone to vote for Kamala Harris. I really can’t think of one. Can any of you? There’s only one room for a Wall Street beloved centrist without a coherent ideology, and Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg will beat her every time at that game.

In Biden’s case because he perhaps more than anyone else represents yesterday’s consensus which so many older voters want a return to, and Buttigieg because you would be hard-pressed to find a better poster child for the “meritocracy”

Harris over and over again has demonstrated a total surface level understanding of the issues that face America. The last Democratic debate is the perfect example. She interrupted a pretty robust and interesting conversation on whether Big Tech should be regulated/broken up to challenge Elizabeth Warren to join her in calling Trump to be banned from Twitter?

It remains one of the dumbest moments on the entire debate stage and totally emblematic of Harris’s bankrupt ideology. As I said when I commented on this incident at the time, she picks cheap political fights on cosmetic issues to satisfy the loudest, richest voices around her but doesn’t actually ave the courage to fight against the interests of the powerful.