Malcolm Nance's Latest Bizarre Claim

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By: KB

Prominent conspiracy theorist and paid MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance really outdid himself on Morning Joe. While hocking his new Trump/Russia book: “The Plot to Betray America,” Nance asserted that Trump may have been compromised by Russia going all the way back to 1977. His evidence? That Trump married Ivana who was from a former Soviet satellite state.

Nance is the same guy who stated wrongly that Jill Stein had a show on RT. She didn’t. MSNBC never issued a correction but they did give him a promotion. He also accused Glenn Greenwald directly of being a Russian asset because he *gasp* went to Russia. And he is generally among the worst of the Neo-Mccarthyist grifters who have found a lucrative media career in blaming Russia, Russian bots and Putin for everything.

Perhaps even more troubling than Nance’s wild and wholly unsubstantiated conjecture, is that he’s not even remotely challenged on it. On the contrary, he was celebrated for having been ahead of the curve on his Russia conspiracies.

You, like me, may not like Donald Trump. But if MSNBC analysts can just casually accuse the President of the United States of having been compromised by Russia, for the past 40+ years, then you don’t really have much a leg to stand on when you go into high dudgeon about Trump calling fake news. And since news outlets have have trained Boomers to see Russia in everything, it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton would pop off and similarly casually smear veteran and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset.

Trump’s factual conduct in office has been appalling and some of the behavior detailed in the Mueller Report was indeed troubling, but by constantly promising a James Bond spy thriller complete with pee tapes and elaborate plots dating back decades, the real world corruption, incompetence, and callousness of this administration seems tame by comparison. The absurd excesses of the elite media’s Infowars style conspiracy theorizing also makes it easy for Trump to dismiss real reporting as just another fake news item. To all my friends in the Democratic Party who lionize guys like Nance please realize, this guy and others like him and his media enablers have done far more to help Trump than he ever could have done to help himself.