Our Response To Jonathan Chait

'Republican Controlled Media'

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Conspiracy hack Jonathan Chait accused Hill TV of ‘Republican Control’ in a new astoundingly stupid column for New York Magazine.

Chait posits that a new op-ed that Gabbard has written is certain evidence that she will pursue a third party bid against the eventual Democratic nominee. Interspersed in his bad commentary is this shot at us:

What is very clear, however, is that Gabbard is now working hand in hand with the Republican party. This is apparent in her pattern of working closely with Republican-controlled media, like “Hill TV” — John Solomon’s propaganda outlet — and Sean Hannity. Gabbard used both forums to promote Republican talking points discrediting the impeachment process — i.e., “Most people reading through that transcript are not going to find that extremely compelling cause to throw out a president that won an election in 2016” — before eventually reversing course.

Chait’s entire column literally hinges on the absence of a line in a new op-ed by Gabbard promising that she will not pursue a third party run.

Gabbard’s Journal op-ed today is the clearest sign yet of her future course. There is no line in the piece committing Gabbard to running exclusively in the Democratic primary. It doesn’t even mention the primary.

It appears that the number of times that Gabbard has said on-camera that she will not run as a third party candidate are not enough for him.

As Krystal and I remind the viewers in our official response below, Chait is the genius who posited that Donald Trump may be a Russian asset because he visited Moscow in 1987. He’s an incredulous person who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

We had some fun in our response. Check it out here: