The Media's Coverup For Epstein Continues

'Not A Single Morning Show'

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By: Saagar Enjeti

The ABC News coverup for Jeffery Epstein should garner every bit of attention from the media as NBC News Weinstein coverage did. Instead the major networks and others in the media have all but ignored the story.

The latest example of this abdication of responsibility came today when no major network morning show noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is demanding answers from ABC News as to how and why the Epstein story that Amy Robach had developed was quashed.

The media should be all over this, given the historic level of public interest and the interplay of members of the British royal family as well as a former President of the United States.

I mean, as I write this investigative podcasts into Epstein’s past remain some of the most popular in the United States on Apple’s ITunes. Clearly there is a desire for more information. Yet people’s whose job it is to inform the public are seemingly nowhere to be found.

Just the very way that the story of McCarthy’s letter was broken is itself a testament to the media’s coverup. The letter was revealed not by a major news organization but by independent journalist Megyn Kelly on her instagram account.

The original tape of anchor Amy Robach revealing the network’s coverup wasn’t in the Wasington Post, it was broken by James O’Keefe of Project Vertias. The internal deliberations of the network aren’t being broken by CNN, they’re being tweeted out by independent journalist Yashar Ali.

Media reporters at established institutions who can tell you how and when Fox News anchors take their breakfast seem unable to pick up the phones to their friends at ABC News and ask what the hell is going on over there.

ABC has responded accordingly. All available public information (thanks to Yashar) currently indicates that the only steps taken so far are to identify and fire the leaker of the Robach video.

No plans whatsoever by the network to address the scandal, punish anyone involved, have an internal review or do anything else. With the complicity of established media, they look like they’ll get away with it…for now.