Tulsi vs Hillary: Who's the real threat to America?

You be the judge!

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Hillary Clinton in a recent interview with David Plouffe suggested that Tulsi Gabbard was being “groomed” by Russia to do their bidding and throw the election. Tulsi shot back that Hillary was “the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party.” So let’s discuss: who is the greater threat to America? Alright here we go.  

One served as an Iraq War Medic mending and caring for her wounded brothers and sisters. The other was an integral part of sending our brothers and sisters off to fight and die in a war with catastrophic consequences for our nation and the world.

One calls out the immoral Saudi regime and the unprincipled nature of our transactional “alliance” with them. The other is happy to take $10 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into her family foundation.

One speaks out against the bipartisan pro-war consensus. The other is a key part of propagating the bipartisan war consensus.

One currently serves in the Hawaii National Guard. The other embraced a friendly Russian reset and has a husband who took $500,000 from Russians for a speech in Moscow.

One bravely resigned from the DNC for their biased handling of the Democratic primary in favor of a terrible candidate. The other didn’t campaign in Michigan and is actually the proximate cause of us all having to suffer through at least 4 years of Donald Trump.

One is smeared relentlessly by the media and Democratic establishment. The other is feted and championed.

Jake Mercier and Ryan Grim have some thoughts on who Hillary might be an “asset” for.

I’ll leave it to you to judge! Look, I’m not saying Tulsi is perfect or that I agree with all of her positions or actions. But to accuse her of being a traitor based on zero evidence is absolutely disgusting. Please feel free to challenge her without resorting to the stupid Russian plant or Assad toady smears.

Hillary’s comments really lay bare how absurd the Russia conspiracy crowd has become seeing Putin around every corner. If you dare tell the truth about the problems in America or take an anti-imperialist view or challenge the corporate media or question the motivations of the security state, then you are accused of doing Russia’s bidding. Hillary’s disgusting comments about Tulsi are the logical endpoint of this bizarre and conspiratorial perspective. Van Jones (h/t to Saagar) pointed out just how dangerous a game Hillary is playing.

Van is exactly right. Running around baselessly accusing American veterans of being Russian assets isn’t brave truth telling, it’s dangerous and only helps our adversaries. Congratulations to all who helped the Democratic Party get to this sad place.