Warren Will Struggle To Beat Trump

Follow The Money

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By: Saagar Enjeti

If you watch Rising, you know that we focus in a lot on the role of money in our society. In the case of presidential candidacies the media loves to focus on a couple of figures, the amount of overall money raised and the cash on hand that a candidate has.

I touched on this in my monologue today, which you can watch here:

Even more important however is where that money comes from. Take a look at this excellent analysis of ActBlue data by David Waldron. Waldron demonstrates that the only two candidates who get money from occupations typically occupied by non-college educated workers are Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang:

Within the data lies particularly bad news for Elizabeth Warren. Her strongest support is among librarians, professional economists, lawyers, physicians, and the rest of the professional class. Worse however are the extremely low levels of support that Warren has amongst the working class from forklift operators to fast food workers, the very people that her campaign says she is fighting for in this race.

Trump meanwhile is assembling a war chest of massive proportions. The campaign recently announced $158 million cash on hand and $128 million raised in the third quarter. To put that in perspective, it is 6 times what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren raised and 10 times that of Joe Biden. Many of those on the progressive left may be quick to dismiss this figure, but the truth is that it is every bit as much of a grassroots effort as that demonstrated by the left.



The Trump campaign data shows that the average donation to the president is $44. 98% of the donations to the campaign were under 200 dollars. In other words, if the Democrats want any hope of beating Trump they will need some buy in from the non-college educated working class.

Nothing is more indicative of support than whipping your wallet out and giving your hard earned dollars to a political campaign. Warren’s campaign message is not resonating with workers and that’s exactly who Democrats need to flip if they want to take on Trump.