The Media's Coverup For Epstein Continues

'Not A Single Morning Show'

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By: Saagar Enjeti

The ABC News coverup for Jeffery Epstein should garner every bit of attention from the media as NBC News Weinstein coverage did. Instead the major networks and others in the media have all but ignored the story.

The latest example of this abdication of responsibility came today when no major network morning show noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is demanding answers from ABC News as to how and why the Epstein story that Amy Robach had developed was quashed.

The media should be all over this, given the historic level of public interest and the interplay of members of the British royal family as well as a former President of the United States.

I mean, as I write this investigative podcasts into Epstein’s past remain some of the most popular in the United States on Apple’s ITunes. Clearly there is a desire for more information. Yet people’s whose job it is to inform the public are seemingly nowhere to be found.

Just the very way that the story of McCarthy’s letter was broken is itself a testament to the media’s coverup. The letter was revealed not by a major news organization but by independent journalist Megyn Kelly on her instagram account.

The original tape of anchor Amy Robach revealing the network’s coverup wasn’t in the Wasington Post, it was broken by James O’Keefe of Project Vertias. The internal deliberations of the network aren’t being broken by CNN, they’re being tweeted out by independent journalist Yashar Ali.

Media reporters at established institutions who can tell you how and when Fox News anchors take their breakfast seem unable to pick up the phones to their friends at ABC News and ask what the hell is going on over there.

ABC has responded accordingly. All available public information (thanks to Yashar) currently indicates that the only steps taken so far are to identify and fire the leaker of the Robach video.

No plans whatsoever by the network to address the scandal, punish anyone involved, have an internal review or do anything else. With the complicity of established media, they look like they’ll get away with it…for now.

Rising Newsletter: Dems Admit Defeat on Impeachment

Public opinion won't change. Bernie and Warren campaigns will be hurt.

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Favorite Segments Of The Week

1) Ryan Grim

Why: Ryan discovered that Pete Buttigieg’s campaign put out a press release touting endorsements of his ‘Douglass Plan’ by prominent African Americans in South Carolina who very much were not supportive of his candidacy and in two cases, were not supportive of the plan itself. In addition, many if not most of the touted supporters of the plan were white in spite of the Buttigieg campaigns strong suggestion to the contrary.

The Buttigieg campaign has a hilarious explanation as to how exactly they accomplished such an embarrassing feat, but you’ll have to watch to find out what it is.

2) Chris Hedges

Why: Chris is a particular favorite of Krystal’s and was one of the first to note that the Democratic establishment did not want to impeach Donald Trump until he targeted fellow elite Joe Biden. Chris compared this to the Nixon White House who had pursued all sorts of dirty tricks against anti-war activists, but didn’t get targeted himself until he messed with the DNC. Elite institutions rally to protect elite institutions.

3) Aaron Maté

Why: Aaron has been an essential voice for nearly two years on the Russiagate beat and excellently pointed out that the current campaign against Donald Trump is the same one that could be launched against any anti-establishment president that follows him.

The national security state is essentially in open warfare with Trump for daring to briefly interrupt the fate of Ukrainian military aid.

Expanded #RisingQs


Answer (from Saagar): Yes, we do actually! According to the adopted Senate rules on an impeachment trial, every single U.S. Senator is required to be in attendance for all proceedings. These proceedings will go 6 days a week in the middle of the day and could last approximately 6-8 weeks, according to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr.

See my previous post from yesterday for more on this.


Answer (from Saagar): I’m not sure entirely about Medicare for All but in terms of raising the minimum wage my answer is: absolutely. We already saw Donald Trump win the presidency by just shucking the GOP establishment’s long held beliefs on trade. Imagine if a GOP politician bucked both trade and a whole host of other policies which govern the daily lives of the working class. America is a center-right country when it comes to culture, and a center-left country when it comes to economics.

The left is much less likely to deviate on cultural issues, so a GOP that wakes up to the current state is much more likely to win elections.

(from KB on Medicare for All): Recall that Trump essentially ran on universal healthcare although he was incredibly non-specific. Medicare for all has broad support and even had significant Republican support before the right began relentlessly attacking it.


Answer (from Krystal): It honestly won’t take that many. In fact, you can already see how impactful it is just to have a small handful of Democrats who are actually willing to speak out and hold power to account. I struggle to think of a more impactful action by a freshman member of Congress than when AOC joined Climate protesters outside of Speaker Pelosi’s office as one of her first actions. She completely changed the debate on climate policy. Today it’s only a handful who really embrace the Justice Democrats theory of change but just imagine what could happen with 10 in the Squad or 20? It would begin to truly transform the Democratic Party and you can bet if Sanders is President, that day is not far away.

Weekly Takeaways

Krystal’s Takeaway:

Why no one cares about Ukraine-gate

As someone on the left who really can’t stand Donald Trump, I kind of hate talking about impeachment. On the one hand, I believe he has committed numerous acts of actual harm to real human beings that have really damaged our country in ways that are indeed “impeachable.” On the other hand, I believe that the two particular fixations of the Democratic establishment, Russiagate and now Ukrainegate, are really elite fixations that A. Don’t land with the American people B. Are being cynically pushed by a national security establishment that feels threatened and which we should treat extremely skeptically. C. Are not among the top 100 most terrible things that this administration has done.

This week though watching the impeachment proceedings unfold, it really dawned on me why so few Americans are moved by these particular allegations of Presidential corruption. It’s not because the Mueller report was long or because the impeachment proceedings are boring or because voters are too dumb to understand what “abuse of power” is as was suggested by one Democratic congressman. It’s because Democrats have no moral authority. 

Democrats want America to care deeply about these particular presidential norms and guardrails and the rule of law. But when we look around and see that the people who destroyed the economy were never held accountable, and in fact are richer than ever, when we see how our elite institutions bent all the rules to protect Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, when we see Hunter Biden on a crack binge whilst making $50k per month on a corporate board at the same time that young black and brown men are locked in prison for life for the same offense under rules that Hunter’s own Daddy created, it makes all the moralizing about how no one’s above the law ring a little hollow. 

The Washington Post is now selling an illustrated version of the Mueller Report so that maybe dumb voters will finally understand the gravity of the situation. Well I’ve got news for the Democratic establishment and their media allies, the American people understand plenty. Perhaps if I put it out in graphic novel form it will be clear enough for Pelosi and the Democratic leadership to finally get it. 

Saagar’s Takeaway:

Trump’s flawed re-election strategy

While the rest of the world was occupied with impeachment, my eyes were on a Tuesday speech that President Donald Trump gave at the economic club of New York. Trump basically took the opportunity to fete Wall Street and make the case for his administration as boosting GDP and propping up the markets. Shortly after the speech, the White House leaked to the Washington Post that it was considering a middle class tax cut to 15% ahead of the election to contrast themselves with the democrats heading into 2020.

The problem as I pointed out in my Wednesday monologue, is that it’s now clear the president and his administration are planning on a running campaign around how “socialism sucks” while tax cuts rock. A strategy that badly misreads the entire electorate.

The only tax cut that the people who came out of the woodwork in 2016 to vote for Trump would even be effected by is a payroll tax cut. Most of them don’t even pay very much in income tax, not because they’re lazy but because their wages, earning potential, and benefits have been destroyed over the last 30 years. Trump would do well to remember that the American worker put him in the White House on three issues alone. Cultural conservatism, rejection of free trade, and immigration restriction. 

The more Trump and his team lean into how job creators are the real heroes in our economy, the closer they will inch towards a very competitive race in the key swing states he needs to win. Right now trump’s force of personality,  defense of cultural conservatism alone, and record of wins on the trade front right now are keeping him competitive but it may not be enough.

The American workers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will vote for which ever candidate which doesn’t want to radically socially alter their life and prove them an economic system in which they can support their family in the community that they know and love. It is up to Trump and the American right to rise to that challenge instead of venerating the very people who’ve robbed them of their livelihood for so long if they want to remain in power 

Dem's Impeachment Idiocy Could Doom Bernie, Warren

6-8 Week Long Trial During Iowa, New Hampshire...

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By: Saagar Enjeti

Most of you know how I feel about impeachment. If you don’t, I summed it up on the show this morning. It is fundamentally a foreign policy disagreement between the deep state and the Trump administration on the wisdom of military aid to Ukraine.

The second part of this monologue however is what I’ll focus on today. The entire strategy is a true disaster for the U.S. Senators who are in the race, namely frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The House of Representatives appears inclined to have a final vote in the chamber on impeachment by Christmas. Meaning that the Senate will be compelled to take up the matter as a trial in the chamber sometime around January.

Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr told reporters Tuesday that a trial will last from 6-8 weeks. Not only that, but the trial is mandated to last 6 days a week in the middle of the day AND all Senators must be in attendance for the proceedings.

That gives these candidates almost no time in which they would be able to get out of Washington and campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire during literally the most critical phase of the Democratic primary. It might as well be a boon to Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.

As author Ed Kilgore over at NYMag points out, if the trial starts on the same day the Clinton impeachment trial began and ends at the same point:

It would encompass both the Iowa caucuses (February 3) and the New Hampshire primary (February 11). If it started later or ran longer, it could directly interfere with the Nevada caucuses (February 22), the South Carolina primary (February 29), or — worst-case scenario — the 12 states (including California and Texas) holding primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday (March 3).

Bernie and Warren won’t benefit politically from their attendance. As Kilgore points out

During the trial, unless precedents are ignored, all senators get to do is to send written questions to be posed by the House managers or the president’s attorneys, and then stand up and vote “guilty” or “not guilty” when the deal goes down. Not much room for showboating there.

We all know how this trial is going to end. 20 Republican Senators are not going to convict Donald Trump. So congratulations I guess Democrats? You just dramatically hurt the campaign operations for two of your leading candidates.


Malcolm Nance's Latest Bizarre Claim

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By: KB

Prominent conspiracy theorist and paid MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance really outdid himself on Morning Joe. While hocking his new Trump/Russia book: “The Plot to Betray America,” Nance asserted that Trump may have been compromised by Russia going all the way back to 1977. His evidence? That Trump married Ivana who was from a former Soviet satellite state.

Nance is the same guy who stated wrongly that Jill Stein had a show on RT. She didn’t. MSNBC never issued a correction but they did give him a promotion. He also accused Glenn Greenwald directly of being a Russian asset because he *gasp* went to Russia. And he is generally among the worst of the Neo-Mccarthyist grifters who have found a lucrative media career in blaming Russia, Russian bots and Putin for everything.

Perhaps even more troubling than Nance’s wild and wholly unsubstantiated conjecture, is that he’s not even remotely challenged on it. On the contrary, he was celebrated for having been ahead of the curve on his Russia conspiracies.

You, like me, may not like Donald Trump. But if MSNBC analysts can just casually accuse the President of the United States of having been compromised by Russia, for the past 40+ years, then you don’t really have much a leg to stand on when you go into high dudgeon about Trump calling fake news. And since news outlets have have trained Boomers to see Russia in everything, it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton would pop off and similarly casually smear veteran and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset.

Trump’s factual conduct in office has been appalling and some of the behavior detailed in the Mueller Report was indeed troubling, but by constantly promising a James Bond spy thriller complete with pee tapes and elaborate plots dating back decades, the real world corruption, incompetence, and callousness of this administration seems tame by comparison. The absurd excesses of the elite media’s Infowars style conspiracy theorizing also makes it easy for Trump to dismiss real reporting as just another fake news item. To all my friends in the Democratic Party who lionize guys like Nance please realize, this guy and others like him and his media enablers have done far more to help Trump than he ever could have done to help himself.

Rising Newsletter: Everyone Learned Wrong Lessons From Kentucky

Tulsi Ends Joy Behar On The View, Our Thoughts...

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Favorite Segments Of The Week

1) Matt Stoller:

Why: Matt is author of a new book “Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy” where he grapples with the history of populist movements to reign to in corporate power in America. Matt offers a poignant and important critique of the Obama administration’s handling of the financial crisis.

2) Zaid Jilani:

Why: Zaid is consistently one of the most important voices on twitter in the 2020 election. In this clip he notes that Warren’s playing to the cultural benchmarks of upper class liberals could really come back to hurt her in the general election

3) Chuck Rocha:

Why: Chuck is often one of our favorite guests on the show. He stopped by to break down Bernie Sanders new immigration plan and specifically took a shot at Elizabeth Warren by noting it wasn’t written by some “woke white boys from Harvard.” He also talks about how Bernie is currently leading the field in Latino donations.

Expanded #RisingQs


Answer (from both): A lot of attention was paid to Tulsi’s response to Joy Behar who called her a “useful idiot,” she was courageous, powerful, and clear in her denunciation of these smear tactics.

We actually thought another great part of her answer was when she talked about why she does interviews on Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s show. She explained the obvious point that she wants to the American people wherever they are. You may or may not (Saagar does, Krystal doesn’t) but you have to acknowledge that 3 million people watch his show every night and they should be treated with respect and not contempt.

We talked about it on the show this week, you can watch it here:


Answer (from both): The media decided after the last debate they needed to make Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar happen. Amy didn’t work out so well, but Pete is beginning to catch on in Iowa. Don’t forget Iowa is not respresentative of the entire Democratic primary electorate and he has a very long way to go in Nevada, South Carolina, and California.

If his poll numbers start to move in *those* states, then we’ll really start to pay attention.


Answer (from Saagar): My chief concern when it comes to healthcare is cost, both to the government and to the consumer. I’m not fundamentally convinced that a Medicare for All system is actually the best way to lower consumer and government reimbursed prices for all in the U.S.

My focus would instead be to go after monopolization within the hospital system and the insurance system. These two actors (along with Dr’s groups) have basically worked in cahoots to bilk American consumers through complicated reimbursement schemes and price fixing.

In short, I’d rather regulate the market than take it over in this case. I know it won’t go over so well with some of you. Reply to this email and tell me why I’m wrong. If you’re nice I’ll respond.

Weekly Takeaways

Krystal’s Takeaway:

Big elections happened this week in two states that I’ve lived and worked in, Virginia and Kentucky. Democrats took control of both state houses in Virginia thanks to increasing strength in the suburbs and ousted odious rich guy asshole Matt Bevin from the Governor’s mansion in Kentucky. Both results for the party to absolutely celebrate. However, as per usual they seem to be learning all the wrong lessons from this result. I’ve heard lots of pundits explain that these results mean that the impeachment strategy is working and that the media’s all Ukraine all the time focus is a good thing for them heading into an election year.

The problem is that Democrats didn’t win a narrow victory in Kentucky because of the National Democrats, they very much won in spite of them. Kentucky Democrats didn’t waste their time criticizing Matt Bevin for his violation of the norms and guardrails of Democracy or even noble but lofty principles like his attacks on the free press. Instead they stayed laser focus on how he hurt working class people. His attacks on educators, pensions, healthcare and unions were front and center in every ad, speech and piece of campaign literature. Republicans want to say that Bevin just lost because he was a jerk (which he was), but people don’t mind jerks who are acting on their behalf. They do however hate a jerk who is hurting their family and their working brothers and sisters. Dems ran up the score in the urban areas and the suburbs but where they really brought it home was in the economic populist coal counties where Bevin’s attacks on public education stung the most. In other words, Dems waged class warfare in Kentucky and won and the places they need to win back in 2020 are a lot more like coal country than they are like the Northern Virginia suburbs.

Saagar’s Takeaway:

My takeaway this week is also about the Kentucky election and how Republicans are learning the wrong lesson from Matt Bevin’s loss. As I wrote about in an earlier edition of the newsletter, Bevin’s loss shows what happens when you don a MAGA hat but don’t actually govern or speak to the concerns of working class voters who support Donald Trump.

As I wrote Tuesday, Bevin tried to institute Medicaid work requirements, slashed pensions, and insulted teachers when they struck as a result. He even sued his own constituents in order to fight for medicaid work requirements and threatened to fully pull the state out of the Affordable Care Act.

Meanwhile Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is clocking a 72% approval rating after declaring 2020 “The Year of the Teacher” and trying to pass mandatory e-verify. His entire agenda is working class centric and his remarkable ability to pull together a deeply divided state shows how the GOP should be trying to govern in the future.

You can watch my monologue on this from earlier in the week here:

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